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We are more than just aesthetic services; we are about instilling consistent confidence in you.  Because when you like the way you look, you conquer your day, every day.

This website was designed to help you see the
potential to Recreate Yourself.


You may have features that you'd like to improve, things that take way too much time to deal with, or require a bazillion products ...  Like skinny lips, those pesky wrinkles, brows that take forever to draw, or the contouring sticks, powders, and foundations for your cheeks and jawline ... ugh!  Exhausting!  And they bother you every time you look in the mirror ...


We understand.

And We Have Solutions!

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What We Do

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We're Evolving! Winter Park Aesthetics now offers Botox and Juvederm Filler Services, the Plasma Pen, and soon we will offer more services and have more great staff to assist you in all your aesthetic needs.  It's going to be Beautiful!

This site was made for you ~ to see your potential ~ the potential to feel confident, to get your time back, to be your most beautiful,
to feel your most beautiful.

You know the story of the Tiffany & Co. Bracelet, right?  If someone gave it to you in a crumpled plastic bag, despite how nice it looked, you might doubt it was the real deal.  Now imagine that same bracelet in that gorgeous little box ...  It is all about the presentation.  Create your presentation.  It's time.


You may have prepared for years ~ or you may be just taking your first steps on your journey ~ but the way you see yourself, visually, can either move you forward, or hold you back.  You've taken all the classes, gained the life experience, earned the certificates ... you've got your resume together, your portfolio, and all your letters of recommendation ...  Now, after all that, the last thing you do is take a look in the mirror to see how you're going to 'show up' when you step out onto the stage that is your life.  That is where we come in, Beauty Professionals like myself.  We are here to help.  We want the outside to introduce the inside.

I was absolutely not born beautiful - or maybe I was - but when I was 18 months old I suffered an injury that caused damage to the bones around my eyes.  This
also caused the area, and my eyes, to be misshapen.  I needed surgery for this when I was three years old, and from that time on I was the girl with the 'coke bottle' glasses.  I was also overweight. 


As a young girl, this was crippling.  It didn't matter how smart I was, what a good musician I was, how good an artist I was, I simply was not able to show myself, or maybe more accurately, expose myself to the world, share myself, and my gifts.  I was laughed at, bullied, and not treated as though I was a person of any consequence.  I was overlooked for everything.  It was the packaging.


I wasn't set free until I was 20 years old.  That is when I was finally able to get my first pair of contact lenses.  When I no longer had to hide behind 'coke-bottle glasses' is also when I discovered the power of make-up. 
Because I do have an artistic side, was able to enhance all the features
that had been in hiding all my life; I created myself.   
I can help you, as well.  It would be my pleasure ~ and my honor.


True ~ I am not the greatest beauty in the entire world, but I am the most beautiful version of myself.  I made myself into the woman that you see here, in the About section, on Social Media, and in the world at large, and I want to help you do the same; become your most beautiful self.

Eyebrows?  Eyeliner?  Lip Color?  Maybe.  But Confidence?  Absolutely.



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Stephanie Haridopolos, MD

As a physician, I am very careful which places I chose for service. This facility gets my 5 star rating for many reasons. Victoria Knight is so professional, meticulous and obsessed with perfection for her clients. She makes you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend anyone who is looking g for permanent makeup and scar revision. Her work is impeccable.

I Colon, PhD

Victoria is an amazing artist! Her attention to detail and naturalism are impressive. I love her studio, it is peaceful and beautiful. Her warm personality and vast knowledge create a positive experience. She has my highest recommendation. I will be back for sure!

Jeannie P. Business Owner

I wish I could give Victoria Knight Permanent Cosmetics 100 GOLD STARS!!! July 2017 I made my appointment to have her work on my eyebrows and to be honest, I almost "chickened out". Was afraid it would hurt- IT DIDN"T. Was afraid it might come out looking un-natural- IT DIDN"T. Was afraid it would fade- IT DIDN"T. Was afraid there would be down time- THERE WASN'T.

Meet Your Med Spa Staff

Victoria Knight

Artist, Optimist, Supporter of Women 
Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional
Fellow of the American Academy of Micropigmentation
Aesthetician for over 20 years
Permanent Make-Up Artist since 2001
Crossword Fanatic
Picky Little Snit
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Melina Norberto PA-C

Enrique Verges-Bonet MD

Medical Director of Alluring Aesthetics and Victoria Knight Aesthetics

All around Great Guy!



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