Feel Confident
About Your Looks 


This might look like a website for eyebrows ~ for permanent make-up, 

or skincare ... but it's not ... 

... at least not completely.

This website was designed to help you see the
potential to Create Yourself.


You may have features that you'd like to improve, that make you feel self-conscious, take too much time to deal with,
or keep you from doing the things
you want to do without worry ...
~ from living the life you want to live ~


We understand.

This site was made for you ~ to see your potential ~ the potential to feel confident, to get your time back, to be your most beautiful,
to feel your most beautiful.

My job in life is to help as many of you as possible feel confident about your appearance.  I believe in the power of women to make the best of changes. 
When we feel our best we can face our challenges, head on. It's time.

What is that thing you have to do, that you are called to do, feel compelled to do ... that gift, or skill, or passion, whatever it may be ...  We, women, are starting to 'show up' in really important ways.  Confidence will help us.  Beauty helps us feel Confident.  Our confidence inspires more women ...

You know the story of the Tiffany & Co. Bracelet, right?  If someone gave it to you in a crumpled plastic bag, despite how nice it looked, you might doubt it was the real deal.  Now imagine that same bracelet in that gorgeous little box ...  It is all about the presentation.  Create your presentation.  It's time.


You may have prepared for years ~ or you may be just taking your first steps on your journey ~ but the way you see yourself, visually, can either move you forward, or hold you back.  You've taken all the classes, gained the life experience, earned the certificates ... you've got your resume together, your portfolio, and all your letters of recommendation ...  Now, after all that, the last thing you do is take a look in the mirror to see how you're going to 'show up' when you step out onto the stage that is your life.  That is where we come in, Beauty Professionals like myself.  We are here to help.  We want the outside to introduce the inside.

I was absolutely not born beautiful - or maybe I was - but when I was 18 months old I suffered an injury that caused damage to the bones around my eyes.  This
also caused the area, and my eyes, to be misshapen.  I needed surgery for this when I was three years old, and from that time on I was the girl with the 'coke bottle' glasses.  I was also overweight. 


As a young girl, this was crippling.  It didn't matter how smart I was, what a good musician I was, how good an artist I was, I simply was not able to show myself, or maybe more accurately, expose myself to the world, share myself, and my gifts.  I was laughed at, bullied, and not treated as though I was a person of any consequence.  I was overlooked for everything.  It was the packaging.


I wasn't set free until I was 20 years old.  That is when I was finally able to get my first pair of contact lenses.  When I no longer had to hide behind 'coke-bottle glasses' is also when I discovered the power of make-up.  Because I do have an artistic side, was able to enhance all the features that had been in hiding all my life; I created myself.   I can help you, as well.  It would be my pleasure ~ and my honor.


True ~ I am not the greatest beauty in the entire world, but I am the most beautiful version of myself.  I made myself into the woman that you see here, in the About section, on Social Media, and in the world at large, and I want to help you do the same; become your most beautiful self.

Eyebrows?  Eyeliner?  Lip Color?  Maybe.  But Confidence?  Absolutely.

Providing what many call the best permanent make-up and skincare services and procedures, I serve Greater Orlando from my clinic in Winter Park. I offer my artistry, experience, and intelligence to each and every client with each and every service.  I strive for excellence for each of you.


An Experienced Microblading Artist

An Experienced Permanent Make-Up Artist


As with any permanent makeup, an artist’s experience and education (or lack thereof) can mean the difference between a beautiful or a botched set of brows you will live with for years to come. I have over seventeen years’ experience as a permanent makeup artist, including seven years performing successful microblading procedures. This is why you will receive the best microblading results in Florida.

An Educated and Certified Permanent Make-Up Artist


There are no educational requirements for
Permanent Make-Up in the State of Florida. 


But I have, in order to become certified nationally, taken hundreds of hours of education and have passed rigorous oral, written, and practical exams that are required in other parts of the country to become a Licensed Permanent Make-Up Artist.  No, it's not required.  No, it's not necessary.  I wanted to become the kind of artist, with the degree of commitment to the highest standards, that I would choose to go to for a procedure that will have life-long consequences.  Who do you want?  With your only face, for your only life, choose wisely.

"What is this stuff?  It will Not Come off!"

I was working as one of the cosmetics managers at Nordstrom when a woman came in wanting a make-over. I tried to remove her lip liner and it simply would not budge! I said, “Girl, what is this stuff? It will not come off!  I’d like to get my hands on some of that!”, thinking it was some new long-lasting lip color.  That was the moment that I learned about permanent make-up; pigment inserted into the skin in the style of make-up.  Wow!  Amazing!  Now, here is the really important part, for me; she had had it done after she went through her breast cancer treatment and that her eyebrows were also permanent make-up.

As I’m listening to her I am remembering being just a little girl and watching my mother suffer with her hair loss after breast cancer treatment.

Artist, Optimist, Supporter of Women 
Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional
Fellow of the American Academy of Micropigmentation
17+ Years Experience
Crossword Fanatic
Picky Little Snit

My mother wore wigs and did her best to recreate her brows and eyelashes. I remember her incredible sadness about the way she looked. I remember that when she made herself up she felt much better.  As I'm taking this all in, I’m thinking, “Now imagine it could last … for everyone who has cancer ...”  

So now my brain is whirring.  It is like fireworks of shimmering golden sparkles ...  From that moment forward I had found my calling and knew what I would do with my life; Permanent Make-up!  That was in 2001 and I have never looked back.  I love it so much I would still do permanent make-up if I won the lottery ~ it means that much to me.  I take my love of cosmetics, beauty, and my artistry, and use them to help women with lasting beauty for more confidence. Best make-over ever!  Wouldn’t you say?


Beauty, Confidence, and Convenience are my reasons for having Permanent Make-Up ~ and these are the things I want for you!  Permanent Make-Up is the perfect way to help you feel this way.  I love how I look when I catch sight of myself in the mirror!  That feeling is what I want that for you, too.  My hope, for all of us, is that we feel confident enough to reach our full potential and have time to do everything we want to do.  Life is just too short for anything less!

Beauty, Confidence, Convenience


We first consider your bone structure, your skin tone, your undertone, your eye and hair color, your features, and your skin type, then we add the type of Permanent Make-Up you want and completely customize it to you!

You are Unique, Your Permanent Make-Up should be, too.


I began in the Permanent Make-Up Industry  in 2001.  I am a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional through the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and a Diplomat of the American Academy of Micropigmentation.  I have been an Aesthetician for over 20 years and am also a Certified Oncology Aesthetician.  Even though I have been to College and Graduate School the Beauty Industry is where I belong.


What it all boils down to is that I strive to be the absolute best. I have been called a bit of a perfectionist and I laughingly call myself a bit neurotic - but everyone says that they love that about me!  I invest in my education, artistry, equipment and supplies, seeking only the best. 


I have created a small studio that provides the kind of services that I would want to receive ~ as someone who loves both top-of-the-line beauty, and all things natural.  It would be my honor to work with you, if this is you, too.


Thank you for reading ~


 Have a Beautiful Day!

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