Yep, that's me, Victoria Knight.  Perpetual Student, Aesthete, Incorrigible Optimist, Introvert, Crossword Fanatic, Artist, Feminist, Womanist ...

And yes, I work in the Beauty Industry.  But I also went to college and grad school.  I was pre-med for a bit in undergrad.  I was just so frustrated that there was little in the way of progressive treatment for cancer patients that I couldn't see myself adapting to the establishment.  I began to study alternative and natural treatments for cancer.  Why?  I have lost 5 family members to cancer.  I had a lump in my left breast.  Cancer has been a motivating factor in everything I do; it lead me to the career I have in Healthy Beauty.

I was working as one of the cosmetics managers    at Nordstrom when a woman came in wanting a make-over. I tried to remove her lip liner and it simply would not budge! I said, “Girl, what is this stuff? It will not come off!  I’d like to get my hands on some of that!”, thinking it was some new long-lasting lip color.  That was the moment that I learned about permanent make-up; pigment inserted into the skin in the style of make-up.  Wow!  Amazing!  Now, here is the really important part, for me; she had had it done after she went through her breast cancer treatment and that her eyebrows were also permanent make-up.

As I’m listening to her I am remembering being just a little girl and watching my mother suffer with her hair loss after breast cancer treatment.

In my studies of environmental causes of cancer I learned that only 10% of what we women use on our bodies has ever been tested for safety - and that a ton of stuff is downright dangerous!  So I started working in the cosmetic industry and have found, and use, some of the best, most natural, most active and effective skincare and personal products out there!  Now, I share all my years of investigation and study with you - because I never want another woman to every feel she has to compromise health for beauty. Permanent Make-Up is much more healthy than traditional topical make-up; you're not putting untested chemicals on your skin.  You're not taking them off with harsh cleansers.  And a big one; you're not stretching your skin, causing wrinkles, every time you apply and remove the stuff!  Now Permanent Make-Up is always going to be softer than traditional make-up as there is a layer of skin over the color, but it is a Fantastic Alternative, and you will wake up ready to face the world!

We don't provide a lot of products and services here, but every single one of them passes the 'My Beloved' test; if I would not use it on My Beloved Grandmother, I will not use it on you.  I am SERIOUS, here.  You are someone's most beloved person on the earth.  Deservedly so.  And I know that there are people - women - that you love that way, and would never allow to use anything toxic.  So there you go.  You come to see me, you're an official member of the Beloved Club ~ especially if you Love Yourself.  I, personally, am a pain-in-the-neck artist - with all the inferences and baggage that implies - but I love myself to pieces!  I hope you do the same.  If you're not there yet, then I am here to help.  Women are the keepers of beauty, we create it every day.  We are also a force for good.  It is simply important for us to feel confident enough to get out there.  We're needed more now than ever.  Armed with Confidence and Beauty there is not a lot we can't do.  

I Passed, by the way.  :-)
This is the exam that several states use to license Permanent Make-Up Artists.  No requirements in Florida, sadly, but I wanted people to know that while microblading is a race to the bottom, someone out there is trying to do the best ~
and be the best. 

OH!  My Score?  98% !!! 

Beauty Geek!  haha!

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My job in life is to help as many of you as possible feel confident about your appearance.  I believe in the power of women to make the best of changes. 
When we feel our best we can face our challenges, head on. It's time.

What is that thing you have to do, that you are called to do, feel compelled to do ... that gift, or skill, or passion, whatever it may be ...  We, women, are starting to 'show up' in really important ways.  Confidence will help us.  Beauty helps us feel Confident.  Our confidence inspires more women ...

My mother wore wigs and did her best to recreate her brows and eyelashes. I remember her incredible sadness about the way she looked. I remember that when she made herself up she felt much better.  As I'm taking this all in, I’m thinking, “Now imagine it could last … for everyone who has cancer ...”  

So now my brain is whirring.  It is like fireworks of shimmering golden sparkles ...  From that moment forward I had found my calling and knew what I would do with my life; Permanent Make-up!  That was in 2001 and I have never looked back.  I love it so much I would still do permanent make-up if I won the lottery ~ it means that much to me.  I take my love of cosmetics, beauty, and my artistry, and use them to help women with lasting beauty for more confidence. Best make-over ever!  Wouldn’t you say?



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