Gorgeous Permanent Eyebrows & Microblading
Beautiful Permanent Eyeliner 
Luscious Permanent Lip Color

We Design for You.  We design for your face, your skin, your preferences, your lifestyle . . .  All of us have ideas of what we think is beautiful and we believe that You need to love what you see in the mirror. 
See something you like?  We'll work with you to create a look you'll love!  💖💖💖

This is our Portfolio of Microblading Before and After Photos, Before and After photos of Permanent Make-Up for Permanent Eyebrows, Permanent Eyeliner, and Permanent Lip Color. 


You may laugh ~ but we consider ourselves to be strictly in the Beauty Camp.  Some may call these services 'cosmetic tattoos', but for us, the word 'tattoo' is for dudes with arms full of faded, blue-green skulls and crossbones, lol.  We do Permanent Make-Up; Beautiful Make-Up that just happens to last. 💋