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About Corona Virus Precautions


If you don't know my story, I got into skincare and permanent cosmetics because I was looking for safe beauty services: I lost four family members to cancer before I was 17.  Now I provide services for immunocompromised clients.  Although the pandemic is easing, it's not completely over.  For this reason we are going to continue to request that you are vaccinated before services with us.  We want to take care of the most vulnerable among us.  Sometimes they need the confidence - and care - even more than the rest of us.  If you choose not to be vaccinated then when this is over we'll be happy to take care of you.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Want to have the best possible experience and the best possible results?  Read on! 


There are a couple of important things to be aware of, and take care of, before Permanent Make-Up or other Permanent Cosmetic procedures, that will help you to be best prepared for your appointment.


Surprisingly, Fish Oil, Caffeine, Red Wine, Ibuprofen, and Aspirin affect your Permanent Make-Up in both the procedure and the healing.  During the procedure anything that thins your blood may increase your bleeding risk and reduce the effectiveness of topical anesthetics.  Increased circulation after may allow pigment molecules to be more easily removed by the body, thereby decreasing retention.  Unless you are on a prescriptive dosage of aspirin or ibuprofen, avoiding these a few days before and after your procedure is best.

If you are Pregnant or Nursing you may not have Permanent Make-Up until you are completely through - with both.    Pregnant women may run the risk of topicals and pigments getting into your bloodstream or breast milk.  Best to wait.


Please Avoid Sun Exposure before your appointment.  Avoiding the sun on a regular basis is just good wrinkle prevention ~ before and after Permanent Make-Up and Professional Skincare Services it is a Must!  Sun exposure can ruin your Permanent Make-Up and cause Hyperpigmentation after Professional Skincare Services.


Hair Removal and Lash and Brow Tinting must be done 48 hours prior to your appointment and may be resumed 2 weeks after your appointment. 

If you are using Latisse or any Lash or Brow Growth Serum you will need to stop using it for 30 full days prior to your appointment.  Growth serums  increase circulation which can negatively influence your Permanent Make-Up retention and make it more difficult for your skin to stay numb.  Please book your appointment for a full 30 days after you stop using your serum.  You may begin using it again 6 weeks after your Follow-Up appointment.  Important: you will require more frequent Color Refresher appointments in order to maintain your Permanent Make-Up if you are a regular lash or brow growth serum user.

Eyelash Extensions need to be removed 1 weeks prior to Permanent Eyeliner procedures and may be worn again 4 to 6 weeks after your Touch-Up appointment.

Contact Lenses need to be removed prior to Permanent Eyeliner procedures. Contact lenses may be worn again 24 to 48 hours after your procedure.

Have You Had Previous Permanent Make-Up?     Because I do not know what was used or the condition of your skin I am not able to 'touch-up' previous Permanent Make-Up.  Depending on the age of your Permanent Make-Up, tattoo inks may have been used, and scar tissue is common.  The color may have changed enough to require a color correction or removal services before we are able to work toward the result you are hoping for.  Correction and Removal may require several sessions to obtain optimal results.  More frequent Color Boost Sessions may also be necessary to maintain your new Permanent Make-Up.  Don't be discouraged - it may take time, but we do get you to a place of being happier with your appearance.  If you are at all concerned, book an appointment for a Consultation.  We can then determine the best course of action for you.

If you are having Permanent Lip Color and have ever had Cold Sores it is advised that you obtain a preventative anti-viral prescription.  People who have not had cold sores in years find that the Permanent Lip Color procedure causes cold sores to resurface.  Having Cold Sores after the procedure can be extra painful and causes pigment loss, which could result in uneven color after the procedure has healed.  

If you are taking Blood Thinners, are going through Chemotherapy, or have questions about any other of your Prescriptions, it is best to get clearance from your physician before you have Permanent Make-Up.  

In order to Book an Appointment there is a $50 or $100 non-refundable Scheduling Fee required. Please see our Policies page for more information about appointments.

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