One of the things that is critical, in any endeavor, is creating a good foundation.

What we are offering is a course, for five full days, that will give you an superior foundation in permanent make-up. 

From how you hold your hand when you are working in the skin - one of the most basic things that almost no one teaches - to advanced hairstroke and shading techniques, you will experience a truly exceptional education with Ina Vez, Craft Master.

Once you know how to use your hands, your tools, your instruments, with the living canvas that is the skin, you will take years off of your learning. Literally, years.

Ina Vez is a fellow of the American Academy of Micropigmentation, she is a certified educator through them, and she is a Craft Master through AcademyS by Sviatoslav Otchenash.

Her Portfolio, available to be seen on both Facebook and Instagram tells the whole story. @InaVezAcademy

Take a week of your life to invest in your future as a Permanent Makeup Professional.

You will never regret getting a good education. 💖

We are offering a 100 Hour Permanent Makeup Fundamental training which is valid in every state of the USA, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico! 


Students will learn various Academy S techniques:

🌟 Magic Shading Brows 

🌟 Classic & Softliner for Eyeliners

🌟 Aquarelle Lips 

🌟 Eyelash Enhancement 


✅ Client intake forms are provided for your use by the American Academy of Micropigmentation

✅ Academy S workbook is our textbook for your Permanent Make-Up Studies. 


️Ina Vez, your instructor, is a Certified Micropigmentation Instructor by the American Academy of Micropigmentation, has an Art Background from Fashion Institute of Technology, worked as a technical/visual Designer for Donna Karan, Victoria’s Secret and other companies in NY city. 

She is a licensed Medical Aesthetician, holding licenses in several states, as well as being a Master Trainer for World renowned leading Permanent Makeup company - Academy S by Sviatoslav Otchenash.

Ina has been invited to be an International Judge and Speaker at numerous World Permanent Make-Up Conferences.  Beyond Academy S, her Permanent Makeup certifications include: Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP), PhiAcademy, Microblading, PhiShading, PhiRemoval, PhiContour, and many more. 

Ina has been a Permanent Makeup Artist for 20 years, and has only 5 Star Reviews!

You can see Ina Vez' works on Instagram :



Class is limited to 5 students to provide quality hands on training.


Students will have models and can bring models


Kit is included! 

For more information, call  856-287-4343


 Victoria Knight, your host, is the owner of Winter Park Aesthetics, a Permanent Make-Up and Advanced Skincare Facility, Approved and Regulated by the Orange County Department of Public Health. 

Victoria Knight is a Certified Permanent Make-Up Artist with the SPCP, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Micropigmentation.


Prerequisite for class: 

Blood-born Pathogen Test for Tattoo artists, and must be taken prior to classes! 

Class begins on Monday, January 6th, and continues until January 10th. The Cost is $5200.  A $500 deposit is required for registration.  Register Here:



TUESDAY - SATURDAY 10:00 - 7:00






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