Advanced Scar Revision




12 Weeks


About the Course

With over 50 Million new scars formed each year there is a true need for Scar Revision Specialists. Improving scars for clients can dramatically improve their lives and provide you with added income.

This is a Comprehensive Scar and Scar Revision Curriculum for those of you looking to add this to your menu of services. If you are a Permanent Cosmetic Professional working with the Medical Field providing Areola Repigmentation for breast cancer survivors we cannot recommend this course enough. Scar Revision can offer further reconstructive and emotional support in her recovery after breast reconstruction.

Basic Syllabus

  • The Impact of Scars

  • Scar Considerations

  • Scar Formation

  • Scar Revision History

  • Protocol Development

  • Decision Tree Parameters

  • Communicating with Clients

  • Pricing Your Procedures

  • Working in the Medical Field

Your Instructor

Victoria Knight

Victoria Knight has been researching and developing her Scar Revision Protocols for over 14 years. She feels that improving scars can help people live better lives and can help the women, who are the majority of practitioners, improve their social standing and incomes by providing scar revision.

Victoria Knight