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Yes, this is Student Work from a Previous Class

If you want to become a Permanent Cosmetic Professional we want to help.  


These courses are for women who are serious about this career.  We don't candy coat anything.  It takes commitment and a willingness to learn.  It takes learning how to truly practice.  If you are going to become a World Class Fine Artist with a canvas that is the Face of another woman who is living here, at this moment in time, with you, you need to be an expert. 

This is a Responsibility to create Beauty in the World.  It will elevate the life and the future of every one you work on.  And it will elevate your life.

My clients are physicians, the staff of plastic surgeon's offices, celebrities . . .  We receive referrals from hospitals, medical offices, high-end salons, oncology clinics . . . 

Learn to provide results that last for years ~ from basic brows to advanced scar revision and areola repigmentation . . .

Are you ready?  Then sign up.  Today.

One of the things that is critical, in any endeavor, is creating a solid foundation.

What we are offering is a series of courses that will give you a superior foundation in
Permanent Make-Up.


From how you hold your hands when you are working in the skin - one of the most basic elements - to advanced hairstroke and shading techniques, you will experience a truly exceptional education.

Once you know how to use your hands, your tools, your instruments, and pigments, with the living canvas that is the skin, you will take years off of your learning.  Literally, years


Our Goal for You?  Excellence.

The Portfolio, Gallery, as well as Survivors and Scar Revision Pages demonstrate the skills
developed over the past decades.  Now, I want to help You . . .  Take YEARS off of your learning
and invest in yourself.


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”
~ Mark Twain

We are offering a Series of Permanent Make-Up Courses that will provide you with over 100 hours of Education, and will be valid in every state of the USA, Puerto Rico, and parts of Canada. 


Here are our Courses:

Basics & Brows ~ Where It All Begins


This is a Five Day Brow Intensive Boot Camp and is the Foundation for Permanent Make-Up. 

For this reason, this is the longest class, a full Five Days of Ombre, Shading, Machine Hairstrokes, and Microblading.  When you're done, you will KNOW this stuff.


$3495 Tuition for Five Day Course included the tremendously versatile Axys Valhalla Machine*, Microblades, and everything you'll need for up to 20 Permanent Eyebrow Procedures.

 Options: Xion-S Handpiece with course the cost is $3995.   Bellar Handpiece for $4295 
To Reserve your seat please submit a $1500 deposit.  T
he remaining balance for your tuition is due 2 weeks before the beginning of class.  Class size is limited to insure Your Health and Safety, and that of the Models for the class.

Our Next Class is Coming Soon!

 Please Email Us at for our next class.


What You Will Learn

Days One and Two:


  • How to Practice: Beginning with Pen and Paper, then on Practice Skin, Concurrently with Fundamental Hand Positions toward Working In the Skin for Shading and Hairstrokes

  • Anatomy of the Skin, Skull, and Muscles that Influence the Eyebrows

  • Fitzpatrick Scale: Understanding Skin Tone and Undertone, and how that influences Pigment Selection

  • Skin Type: The Type of Skin a Client has will determine the best Eyebrow Techniques for that Individual, i.e. Oily, Dry, Combination, etc.

  • Eyebrow Design: Brow Mapping with Structural Considerations and Client Preference

  • Medications and Contraindications

  • Quiz

Days Three, Four, and Five:

  •  Tray Set Up for Safety, Sanitation, and Optimal Working Environment

  • Learning to choose the Right Tools and Pigments for each client's desired result

  • Working on Models: Designing, Numbing, Pigment Selection and Performing Permanent Eyebrow Procedures

  • Safety and Sanitation for You and Your Client

  • Disposal of Biomedical Waste

  • Setting Up Your Studio: Zoning, Licenses, Regulations, and Permits

  • Marketing and Advertising: Social Media, Website, Paid Advertising

  • Oral, Written, and Practical Exam 

Yes, this class is a Full Five Days - and it is a whirlwind of information.  We spare nothing; we pour as much information into you as we possibly can.  This will provide you with a Certificate of Completion for 43 hours;
35 hours of Class, and 8 hours of Homework.

Prerequisite for classes: Blood-Borne Pathogen Course for Tattoo Artists must be taken prior to class beginning. 
The certificate that indicates that you have passed your Blood Borne Pathogen Course must be emailed
to us one week prior to your class.

We are hopeful that at some point in the future that Permanent Make-Up will be recognized as the Advanced Aesthetic Beauty Service that it is, and will have the respect and educational requirements it deserves.  Until then, I will do everything I can to help you become the kind of true professional who will be able to open your own business, partner with local salons, and receive referrals from medical facilities.

Have I mentioned not to take a 2 day class, yet?  lol

* The Axys Valhalla will enable you to perform all procedures from Hairstroke Eyebrows to Areola Repigmentation to Scar Revision.

1000 Microblading, Permanent Eyebrows, P
1000 Microblading, Permanent Eyebrows, P
Microblading, Microblading Orlando, Micr
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August 2019 Donna 1.jpg
1000 px  2  07-201802.jpg
1000 Microblading, Permanent Eyebrows, P
1000 px  2  07-201817.jpg


Permanent Eyeliner - Classic Eyeliner, Powder Liner,
and Eyelash Enhancement












Our Eyeliner Class takes place over the course of Three Days.  Needles for the machine provided to you in Basics & Brows will be in your kit, as well as a selection of Manual Eyeliner Tools and Eyeliner Pigments.  The Prerequisite for this Course is Brows & Basics.



  • Learn the Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye Area: Eyelids, Lash Line, Bone Structure, etc.

  • Understand the Best Placement for Eyeliner, given the anatomical structure of the Eyes

  • Practice 2 Basic Eyeliner Techniques with Machine, and Eyelash Enhancement with Manual Tool 

  • Determining the Right Method of Implantation and Proper Tool Selection for the Clients Desired Eyeliner Look

  • Work on Models: Design, Numbing, Pigment Selection, and Performing Eyeliner Procedures

  • Oral, Written, and Practical Exam

This Course will provide you with a Certificate of Completion for 25 Hours: 21 Classroom Hours, and 4 Homework Hours. 

The Tuition for this Course is $2195 for Three Days of Practice, Theory, and Hands On Education. 
A Reservation Fee of $500 is due at the time of Sign Up, with the Balance being due 48 hours prior to Class.  Basic Eyeliner Supply kit is Included, Machine is not included.
The Prerequisite for this Course is Basics & Brows.


1000 px   07-201823.jpg
Microblading, Microblading Orlando, Micr
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Permanent Lip Color, Lip Blush & Lip Fade




Three full Days with Day 1 Being Practice and Theory, followed by 2 Days of Hands On Experience. 
Various needle groupings will be provided, as well as Select Lip Pigments.

  • How to Practice for Lip Procedures: Beginning with Pen and Paper, then on Practice Skin, Concurrently with Fundamental Hand Positions for Working on the Lips with Permanent Make-Up Machines

  • Anatomy of the Lip Area: Skin, Muscles, and other aspects that Influence the Lip Procedure

  • Fitzpatrick Scale: Understanding Lip Tone and Undertone, and how that will influence Pigment Selection for Permanent Lip Color

  • Hands On Techniques for Full Lip Color, Lip Blush, and Lip Fade


This Course will provide you with a Certificate of Completion for 25 Hours: 21 Classroom Hours, and 4 Homework Hours.  The Tuition for this Course is $2195 for Three Days of Practice, Theory, and Hands On Education.  A Reservation Fee of $500 is due at the time of Sign Up, with the Balance being due 48 hours prior to Class.  The Prerequisite for this Course is Basics & Brows.

Invest in your future as a Permanent Makeup Professional.

You will never regret getting a good education. 💖


✅ Client intake forms are provided for your use

✅ We discuss all Licenses, Permits, and Regulations for Opening Your Studio

✅  Tools, Needles, Pigments, and Anesthetics are Thoroughly Examined and Described for Each Area

✅  A Basic Starter Kit is Included in your Basics & Brows Course

✅  Supplies, Pigments, Hand Tools, Microblades, and Needles for Each Type of Service Taught will be provided.

✅  One-on-One Sessions are available after the class


All Classes are limited in size to provide quality hands on training.


Students will have models and can bring models


For more information, call  (407) 900-6390


 Victoria Knight is the owner of  Victoria Knight Aesthetics, a Permanent Make-Up and Advanced Skincare Facility, Approved and Regulated by the Orange County Department of Public Health. 

Victoria Knight is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional with the SPCP, and a Fellow of the
American Academy of Micropigmentation. She is also on the Board of Directors for the Orange County
Technical College Facials and Advanced Aesthetics Educational Programs.


 Victoria has been a Permanent Makeup Artist since 2001,and has dozens of 5 Star Reviews on
Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

A note from me . . . Just so you know . . .  I started in Permanent Make-Up in 2001.  I took a (I don't have any good words for it so I'm just going to leave the description out, lol) 2 day class, in Spanish (- I speak a smidge -) with about 8 other girls that tried to cover Permanent Eyebrows, Permanent Eyeliner, and Permanent Lip Color.  In Two Days!  What a disaster.  Don't do that!  Two Day Classes are Expensive Mistakes.

Now back to the story . . . 

I was driven, and I was really good at practicing - in a former life I was a classical musician, we know how to practice!  From there I was able to take a class here, a class there, and was designing and creating some good work, but nothing ever got me to the place where I was getting beautiful, consistent results. 

Then, in 2010, I had a skull fracture and whip lash and couldn't use my right arm for a year and a half, or my left arm for almost 3 years.  Around 2012 I went to a training with an amazing woman named Brenda Davis.  Girl - she was the best teacher!  When you worked with her, she actually held your hand!   The method she used to teach revolutionized my work.  Absolutely the best.  I think I caught on a little quicker because I had already worked in the skin for a decade, but those three days of hands on training catapulted me into a real career!

I added what I know about how to practice, and within 2 years I was back at work.  YAY!

I'm not 100% - I still have damage - but I'm pretty darn good - and you could be even better.

 Every single before and after photo you see, anywhere, done by me, was done after this - starting from about 2014.  I had to learn to re-use my hands!  If I can do this, then so can you.  Seriously.  You can do this.  I will help.  And if you want it bad enough, you can work with high-end salons, medical practices, and be a  world class Permanent Make-Up Artist.

Ready???  Let's Do This!!!